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There are many aspect to computing - from setting up a new piece of equipment, to installing software, connecting to the internet and protecting yourself from viruses. Don't worry - Professor PC can do it all.

Here are just a few of the services Professor PC provides:-

IT Equipment Set Up

Whether you have a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or Internet Ready TV, Professor PC can set these devices up for you.  From initial setup to connecting them to the internet, installing printers and other peripherals - Professor PC does it all. 

Computer Repairs

When a computer fails it's frustrating and time consuming.  But it doesn't mean that you have to consign your computer to the recycle centre.  Professor PC provides expert repairs in Cardiff and Newport. 

Are you working from home and trying to meet an important deadline, or completing as essay for school or university?  That's when your computer will let you down.  Call us immediately and get it fixed.

Virus Removal

Is your computer running slower than usual?  Is the hard drive constantly whirring, or its light illuminated?  Are you constantly inundated with annoying pop-ups?  These could be signs that a virus has taken hold.  Call us immediately.

New System Builds Tailored To You

Why pay extra for components that you don't need?  Why buy a computer system that doesn't have what you want?  Do you prefer the power of a desktop computer or the portability of a laptop or tablet?  Professor PC builds desktop PCs to your specification and can help with the choosing and setting up of your laptop or tablet.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

If you've had your computer for more than a year, you'll have noticed it getting slower and slower.  That doesn't mean you have to replace it.  Professor PC can install hardware upgrades to make your computer faster than ever.  From memory upgrades, additional hard drives and graphics cards - there are so many upgrades that will make a difference to your PC's performance.

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